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“We are deeply saddened to hear the news of Jani's passing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Jani was a very important part of our lives for a long time. We will always be incredibly proud of the music we created together. He was a true talent and will be missed by all of us.”

Officials have determined Jani Lane died from alcohol poisoning … law enforcement sources said. We’re told the L.A. Coroner’s Office has finished its investigation — and concluded Lane had suffered from “acute ethanol poisoning” when he died in an L.A. motel room on August 11. Investigators found a half-empty bottle of vodka and prescription medication in the motel room where Lane died. The singer had battled substance abuse issues for years.

Jerry Dixon interview for San Antonio...
When Warrant takes the stage Oct. 7 at Sunken Garden Theater for the first night of the South Texas Rock Fest, fans will notice a few differences from the last

· · · September 29 at 11:31am
    • Andy Amoroso Good interview. You never need to apologize if you tell it like it is.
      September 29 at 11:48am · · 1 personLoading...
    • Carrie Kazee Crawford Great interview! Glad he didn't sugar-coat anything. It was a sad situation, but Jerry's right...the person has to WANT it before they can be helped.
      September 29 at 12:15pm · · 1 personLoading...
    • Daniel Hinsberger Loved the interview Jerry, you guys rock and you know it. The new Warrant is fucking Awesome, much needed, keep writing and playing that great music!
      September 29 at 12:16pm ·
    • Keelan Ellis Great interview
      September 29 at 1:49pm ·
    • John Kochakji great interview man
      September 29 at 2:03pm ·
    • Damien Tan I didn't read any slamming. All I read was his honest opinion in the interview.
      September 29 at 3:21pm · · 2 peopleYou and Brenda Butler like this.
    • Liz Schanz I agree Jennifer, he was no way slamming Jani. I was lucky enough to see Warrant during the DRFSR tour when they opened for Poison in 1990, I will never forget how Jani mooned the audience, gee thanx for that Jani. The show was kick ass though
      September 29 at 4:26pm ·
    • Jennifer Verner I did read the same interview as everyone else. It just that I'm tired of Warrant fans slamming the band members in every interview that is being posting. Jerry has a right to say whatever he feels about Jani or Warrant for that matter. First it was Joey and now its Jerry. It needs to stop. If you wanna say something negative then don't post it on here because us die hard loyal Warrant fans or band members don't wanna read it.
      September 29 at 4:30pm · · 3 peopleLoading...
    • Liz Schanz I back you on that statement Jennifer
      September 29 at 4:33pm ·
    • Jennifer Verner Thanks Liz!!
      September 29 at 4:37pm ·
    • Jani Lane- The Best Song Writer Ever- R.I.P. Freedom of speech means Freedom of speech for everyone! I dont think anyone is wrong in this but maybe misunderstood! Jani deaths hit alot of people hard and some people feel that more could have been done and alot of people feel that everything was done to help Jani and it just didnt work! If you have known someone that has had this illness it is hard and very painful for everyone put everyone handles it diffrent. It doesnt make Jerry wrong or Jani's fans, friends and family wrong it is just a hard and sad thing to deal with. I dont put either down for how they feel!
      September 29 at 5:13pm · · 1 personLoading...
    • Jodi Marie Gross I thought it was a great interview. Jerry was very honest and not negative at all. Besides a band is all the members not just one and not just the lead singer. If one member doesn't want to be involved any more that doesn't mean that the band doesn't exist anymore. I have been a huge Warrant fan since I was 12 they have been my favorite band since then and they will be forever. Warrant is rockin as hard as they ever have if not better! KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!
      September 29 at 5:15pm ·
    • Jani Lane- The Best Song Writer Ever- R.I.P. I think Jerry feels in his heart that he did all he could do to help Jani. That doesnt make him wrong but also there are people out there that feel like more could have been done! That doesnt make them wrong. I think the way that he died has hurt and angered alot of people. Sometimes people say things in anger or because they are hurt. No one is right or wrong in this it is just sad as a whole that someone like Jani is gone. He was so talented and is gone way to soon!
      September 29 at 5:21pm ·
    • Kris Clifford I'm sick of it too Jennifer. It's been hard to bite my tongue but after Jani passed (something I was very sad about) it's also hard to say anything. I've loved Warrant since before they were signed (and even before Jani was in the band) and use to know these guys. Including Jani. I remember lots of good things about Jani and in the early years he ALWAYS gave the fans a great show. Hell he played while still getting over chicken pox! But he changed and over time there was more than one time I was very disappointed in the bad performances he gave because he was too wasted to care. Still I was disappointed when he left the band and hoped they would reunite..... continued.....
      September 29 at 5:23pm ·
    • Kris Clifford I had long since lost contact with anyone but Jani's reputation for not showing up to his solo shows or showing up wasted and doing a bad show was still something I heard about. Yet when he booked a show in my area I still went knowing he may not show. Me and my sister got there to find he indeed cancelled and were very disappointed. We stayed and listened as he was the butt end of every joke told that night by the other bands. I then saw Warrant with St James and they ROCKED it! Then the reunion.... I so hoped he had pulled himself together. But quickly I was hearing of more cancelled shows and bad behavior and was not surprised when the band no longer wanted to risk their reputation and parted ways again. To those that say it's not the same without Lane. No its not the same. There would not be an album and there would not be shows. Their reputation would be shot and it would be hard to get anyone to even take a chance to book them. They did what they needed to do. No one would tell the wife of an alcoholic to just stay and let everything crumble around them nor that she should continue to enable. Warrant ROCKS and they deserve to keep doing what they love for as long as they love what they do.
      September 29 at 5:29pm · · 1 personLoading...
    • Jennifer Verner Kris- I wasn't a Warrant fan until 1989 when I first saw the Down Boys video on MTV. After I saw that video I was hooked on the Warrant music.
      September 29 at 5:34pm · · 2 peopleLoading...
    • Kris Clifford They are easy to get hooked on. I am just fortunate enough to have lived close enough (sort of) to have seen them early.... and often! It was a blast and their shows were so much fun.
      September 29 at 6:51pm ·
    • Jay K. Nanda Jerry, thanks again for the interview and for taking the time. It was a pleasure. See you next Friday.
      September 30 at 11:49am · · 1 personLoading...
    • Brenda Butler I appreciate an honest opinion, even if it hurts. I'm very pleased with the direction Warrant is heading and I see great things ahead. They were a great band with Jani and they're a great band with Robert.
      October 1 at 9:43am · · 1 person
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