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"ROCKAHOLIC" Reviews - Review #5
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Being a huge Warrant fan and Lynch Mob fan I was really looking forward to hearing this album. I was prepared for the worst though because while I'm a big Black N Blue fan I didn't care for Warrant's "Born Again" album with Jamie St. James on vocals. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this album is a HUGE improvement though. Because Jani Lane IS Warrant in my mind, this sounds more like a Lynch Mob album (due to both Mason, and the songwriting in general-- certainly more so than the real Lynch Mob's "Smoke and Mirrors"). But who cares what band it is... it ROCKS!

Right from the start this album is much more 80's sounding than Born Again. The lead track, "Sex Ain't Love" is a good mid paced rocker that the band has been playing live for some time now. It has much more energy than anything off the previous album. Robert sounds great. His voice has hardly changed since his days with Lynch Mob. The next two tracks, "Innocence Gone" and "Snake" are also really fun rockers. The riffs on this album are some of the most classic 80's sounding that anyone has put out in the last decade.

The next track, "Dusty's Revenge" is a cool outlaw type song. It's followed by "Home" the first ballad on the album. It's a decent song, but nothing special, with no real hook in the chorus. "What Love Can Do", is more upbeat but again, has a sort of bland hook in the chorus.

"Life's A Song" is next. This will be the first single off the album, which the band is shooting a video for now. In my opinion, it's a poor choice for a single. It's not bad, but it's the least classic sounding song on the album, and there's nothing special about it that makes it stand out.

After dropping off, the album starts to pick back up with "Show Must Go On", a fast paced rocker that would be a killer opening song. The band sounds awesome on this one. It's immediately followed by "Cocaine Freight Train", another fast paced song that just flat out rocks.

"Found Forever" is the second ballad, and it's much better than "Home", probably because it's more of a power ballad in every sense of the phrase. It's followed by "Candy Man" which has the same feel as the first few songs on the album. It's got a great early 90's sounding groove to it.

"Sunshine" is my least favorite song on the album. This one sounds much more like "Born Again". Those who liked that album will probably dig this, but it pales in comparison to most of the other songs on this offering.

"Tears In The City" is another ballad. Robert stays in a pretty low range here. It's a good song that would have fit well on countless albums from the 80's.

The album closes out on a VERY strong note, as "The Last Straw" is one of the best songs on here. Great upbeat tune which again, is just dripping with 80's vibes.

I highly recommend this to any fan of Robert Mason's work with Lynch Mob! This is definitely a top 10 or 15 album for me this year.