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"ROCKAHOLIC" Reviews - Review # 3
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I can't even describe the feeling of making a review of a legend's album. A legend that began back in 1984, a legend that has gone through so much in its carrier and after so many lineup changes, they release their eighth album, “Rockaholic”. Ladies & gentlemen, WARRANT are officially back. This time they aren’t just presenting the cherry pie, they stick it right in your face in order to show you how exactly Hard Rock / Glam Metal should be made.

After they experienced almost everything as Rock stars, including the rise and decline of the worldwide Glam Metal scene, experience in making a Grunge oriented album, the leaving of the powerhouse singer Jani Lane and his replacement Jamie St. James of BLACK N’ BLUE and the decision to break up and unite once again. So what can we expect from them now? How will the band find a new singer that would fit the big  shoes of Jani Lane? Robert Mason was the answer. With him everything is possible, that guy has got balls, the right vocal range and the right attitude. That guy isn't new in business, he already sang for BIG COCK and LYNCH MOB etc…

As I approached the first song, "Sex Ain’t Love", I started grinning. What a hell of a rough vocalist? I was listening to shouts of the devil all the way. The guitars boomed my head. The solos, along with a boost of delay, sounded just like in the 80's. Have I mentioned the rush of riding a 1985 Corvette model? You might feel it when the chorus of the second song, “Row All The Way”, starts the fire."Dusty revenge" showed me that WARRANT also knows how to make a Bluesy kind of Hard Rock while showing their comrades CINDERELLA and TORA TORA that they are not alone in Blues. That one song was another proof that the new guy up front knows how to perform.

How can’t I talk about the heartbreaking ballad in a Glam Metal album? "Home" is a tune that will tear you apart. It showed me that home will always be “home sweet home”. Furthermore, this one described pretty well the feeling of comfort that everyone is looking for in their lives and will probably find it inside themselves in their own homes.

"Show Must Go On"is the "Sure Feels Good To Me" out from the "Cherry Pie" album, a great fast rocking song for you to bang your head to. "Cocaine Freight Train" is a Heavy Metal track with a blink to GUNS N’ ROSES’s style, fast, powerful, catchy and the harmonica really added flavor.

Once again WARRANT proved me that their knowledge of how to excite with their second ballad song, "Found Forever". Mason sings with so much passion, it's hard to find singers like that these days. Joey Allen was always an underrated lead guitar player and that is shameful, he did a nice job on the "Dog Eat Dog" album and now he is blowing away again. Last but not least, they left their best song, "The Last Straw", to the end. This one is a heavy, head banging, rocky and a very melodic tune.

WARRANT did a perfect comeback, it is hard to do that and it is harder to stick to your guns and do what you believe in. They believe in Rock N' Roll and didn't change their Glam / Hard Rock style. Thank you WARRANT for being there for me back then with “I Saw Red” & “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. Now “Rockaholic” will be the soundtrack of my next years .


by Tomer "Tommy Foxx" Darmon at 25 April 2011, 8:14 PM