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Road Reports By Steven Sweet - Year End Report 2009  E-mail
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Road Reports By Steven Sweet
El Passout , TX
Danville, IL Feb 2010
Jan. 31st, Clinton, OK
Year End Report 2009
Chicago July 4, 2010
Lawton, OK June 2009
Red Rock , OK April 2009
Clinton, OK Jan 2009
Denver, CO : Dec 2008
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Okay so right away I lied, this really isn't a road report at all but rather a... I have been extremely slammed getting things ready for the impending doom... er, I mean holidays. Since you're sitting there (wherever "there" may be, home office, away from home office "yuck", in your car (keep your eyes on the road - fool), or sitting on the toilet with your iPhone (who am I to judge) I will indulge you with a few details about why I am slammed. I just finished painting a pet portrait for my brother's brother in-law to give to my brother's wife, my brother's brother in-law's sister, who is in fact my sister in-law - this was a huge undertaking as I had just finished painting a portrait for someone else just days earlier all of whom, wanted to give these paintings as Christmas gifts which meant they needed to be completed before I could (selfishly) leave with my family (daughter and wife) to visit my wife's sister and brother in-law, who incidentally also happen to be my brother in-law and sister in-law, NOT my sister... of which I have none - only two brothers, one of which you just heard of (remember the painting I just finished  which is also to be delivered to my brother's brother in-law's home so that he may give it to his sister, my brother's wife/my sister in-law, for Christmas) All of this has been somewhat difficult to orchestrate since my brother's brother in-law (from now on I'll just call him B.B.I.L. = brother's brother in-law) lives the opposite direction from where my wife, daughter and I will be headed for our Christmas vacation, which as I continue to type gets farther away since this year in review road report is just one of the things to get done, on my things to get done list before I can leave town. My B.B.I.L. lives not only in the opposite direction from where I am eventually headed, but is also out of town. This all means nothing to you I am sure, in fact I hate to bore you all with these little annoyances of mine, except that it is again, one of the things I have to get done before I can leave town ("type this" I mean, not bore you with little annoyances). My B.B.I.L. needs to approve my final work before I can even deliver this completed portrait/Christmas gift to his house (is there even anyone home to take delivery, I have asked myself over and over again). I also just finished recording some radio station I.D.'s and liner's (no, this doesn't have anything to do with illegal substance abuse) for Indiana's Y106 who is having a year end countdown of the top 106 Rock songs of all time - Cherry Pie is #91 incidentally, which is why I was asked to record a short introduction (liner) for their countdown. Anyone in the Y106 listening range be sure to tune in and hear me say... " Hey this is Steven Sweet from Warrant, let's end the year on a hard note shall we? You're listening to Indiana's Rock station, Y106 where we're counting down the top 106 songs of all time... now coming in at number 91 is a tasty little track called Cherry Pie... eat it up!" I thought I'd share that with you now, just in case you are nowhere near the Y106 listening area when the countdown reaches 91, or any other number (see, I STILL have time to give a little extra!).


Additionally, my parents are coming into town 2 days AFTER Christmas when I will still be out of town, they will be staying at our house which means the place needs to be cleaned up a bit, because let's face it, neither my wife or I like cleaning, in fact, if I could just take a hose and a leaf blower to my living room I'd be satisfied. (Okay, that is a gross exaggeration, I don't want anyone thinking I live in a pig stye, except maybe a pig because after all, I imagine a pig considers his stye quite a nice place to live and therefor would think that by my calling my home a stye, pigs the world over would be inclined to make a pilgrimage from the farthest reaches of the earth just to see such a sight, humans dwelling in a traditional Pig domicile. And maybe, just maybe these would be well to do pigs, or pigs of some higher stature within the pig culture, who might also be inclined to bring us gifts of great worth just to be in the presence of such humans.) Or maybe, now that I am out of that side note, none of that would happen at all. Life lesson: you should never do anything with the hopes of material reward - because you might wind up being disappointed that no pigs came bearing gifts and riches beyond your wildest dreams, but only mud and flies and a bit of a lingering after smell that takes forever to get out of the drapes... not a good thing when your parents are coming to visit, I'll tell you that much!


I do believe I have completely lost my train of thought, if there really was one to begin with. I'd like to close by saying that I wish each and everyone of you a safe, happy and healthy new year to come, together we can move mountains and...  (what the... I just turned into Oprah - sorry) Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us and continue to stick with us as we chug along - I promise good things to come from Warrant, better than ever things, in the year to come.


Happy New Year,



(Oh crap, I just realized I spilled the beans about my Sister in-law's Christmas gift from her brother... oh well, too late to go back now, cuz then I'd have to think of something else to ramble on about and I quite frankly don't have the time, as I am already one day past my intended departure date... see ya!)