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Road Reports By Steven Sweet - Denver, CO : Dec 2008  E-mail
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Denver, CO : Dec 2008
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Grizzly Rose , Denver, C0

Hey friends, I trust that each and everyone of you is up and running head first into a great new year - although it IS a little early to tell where the road will ultimately lead it's safe enough to say that with each new year there is renewed hope for positive change and chance. Cheers to that!

My latest travels with the Warrant road show (and rockin' fun machine) led to Denver Colorado's one and only "Grizzly Rose". What is a Grizzly Rose you ask? Well I for one had all sorts of floating questions about what the answer would be prior to the actual experience. One thought was that the term referred to a brutal attack involving Valentine's day bouquets, exacted upon an unsuspecting lover by a not so amorous, but rather psychotic florist. Another preconceived notion was one of a not-so-attractive mountain woman named Rose, whose forays into bear hunting and subsequent occasional maulings led to a not-so-feminine nick name - "Grizzly Rose". But I think the most accurate belief is that it was and still is a really cool "Country Dance Emporium", that's C.D.E. for you my friend Robert (exact words on the sign out front) that also put on a rock show now and then. Unless there was some kind of mix-up in the booking department, and we horribly let the crowd that night down by NOT including line dancing in our act, I think we did our jobs extremely well this night, and I'll tell you why.  Firstly Jerry, Erik, Joey and myself were set to fly out of our beloved (see: what other choices do we really have) LAX around 4 p.m. and being that it was the last weekend before the big Christmas vacation for what seemed like 2 hundred billion other travelers - we were soon informed we were going to participate in an airport wide holiday party (read: after a freaking 5 hour delay and a bottle and a half of wine later, compliments of my pal Joey) we obliged (again, what other choices did we really have). Our good friend Robert was engaging in a similar "celebration" in Phoenix.  All of which came about because the Farmer's Almanac, and Nostradamus both probably knew but didn't want to spoil the surprise for the rest of us that Las Vegas would be snowed in the night before. Now THAT'S a bet with amazing odds I would imagine NO ONE in their right mind would EVER take but are now kicking themselves for not. The end result prevented many a traveler from getting on their planes on time. Ooops, sorry... back to the timeline - so then we land in Denver at close to 1 am and sit on the runway, or tarmac, or "Screw you flight attendants, I gotta pee" landing strip for another hour putting us to bed around 3 am for a 6:30 am lobby call. Now I know, many of you have taken precious time out of your busy lives to read these little "road reports" in the past and if you're reading this one now, you're... uh, reading this one now (hey, dejavue?!) and have taken precious time out of your busy lives to read (there it is again!!) this one also (what?). The point is leading to my point which is that the Warrant band was working on little to no sleep performed a few tracks live on the air with Denver's own FOX 103.5 FM and the infamous "Lewis and Floorwax" show. The band sounded great, and managed to NOT doze off until the "On Air" sign was turned off.  To quote Beetlejuice, and That is why I will NOT do two shows in one day... nope, I won't do it - ah, but I probably will who am I kidding. The only disappointing part of the whole trip was that once again, I was unable to pay a visit to the Stanley Hotel, which played the part of the "Overlook Hotel" in the Stephen King penned, Stanley Kubrick directed, Jack Nicholson starring film "The Shining" which King wrote most of while staying in room 217 (That entire sentence was the epitome of "trivial", by the way)! Although on second thought, getting lost in its elaborate, snow-covered hedge maze and missing my flight home was not an option this time, especially after the trouble it took to get to Denver in the first place - I'll take a rain check. Well, dinner's waiting (for me to cook it) so I'll sign off until next time. And remember... All work and no play make jack a dull boy all wirk and noo pley mak jack a dul boyy  alll werrrkk an d nop layy mek jaackk a duelll biooouy all worirna dn kn pwke     REDRUM!!!!

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