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Road Reports By Steven Sweet - Lawton, OK June 2009  E-mail
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THE SWEET SPOT" Steven Sweet Road Report: Comanche Nation Casino, Lawton, OK.



This was a strange trip to say the least. As a band, you become accustomed to traveling together which equates to spending time together in close quarters most of the time. Four of us live in the "Greater" Los Angeles area; one in the San Fernando Valley, one in the Foothills between the valley and Pasadena, one in the Hills of Anaheim and one in the lovely wine country a little further South (okay two of us live in the "Greater" Los Angeles - not sure why they refer to it as "Greater" because I've been to many places on this globe and L.A. is not necessarily what I would call  "Greater" than any place else, maybe "Bigger", or "Stranger" or full of more "Fake-pretenders" - yes).


Let's begin again...  two of us live around L.A. and two of us live in the O.C. (Orange County - and yes, they are rich and fabulous beyond all comprehension - the television show is spot-on!). Now the fifth of Warrant and quite possibly the most travel savvy of us all is a desert dweller - Arizona to be more specific. Why am I telling you this, well, because there are occasions when we don't all fly out of the same airport (LAX = "Los Angeles Xairport"). For this particular Warrant outing we came in from three different locales which meant we were.... "dun, dun DUUUUUUUU"... traveling separately, not only were we traveling from different ports of air, we were flying into different cities all together. I KNOW - WTF Right?! Jerry and I flew from Burbank's Bob Hope Airport ( "let me tell ya something..." that was my Bob Hope impression... loses something in translation, not to mention when it's only written word without audio, sorry) directly into Lawton, out-ternational airport (since it's a small airport not sure what to call it when it's not International). Joey and Erik flew from Ontario (California, NOT Canada - that would be stupid since Ontario Canada, albeit the most populous and second-largest province of Canada, is in no way near Southern California let alone the O.C. - NOT an acronym for Ontario Canada) into Oklahoma City (or the O.C., not Orange County or even Ontario Canada, that would be really, I MEAN REALLY stupid because then they would have to get to Lawton Oklahoma by show time the next day which would be a pain, not to mention horrible travel planning). Robert travelled by Camel to Oklahoma City, which is what Desert-dwellers do. (Sure, I made that last part up because I'm sure you know that Robert doesn't even own a Camel - it's an Alpaca Llama, which as we all know don't take kindly to people jumping on their backs, as I found out the hard way once - they're cute, but really quite nasty when provoked). So, there we all are in different Oklahoma cities (not that there are more than one city in Oklahoma named Oklahoma City, but different cities in Oklahoma) the night before the show at the Comanche Nation Casino in Lawton, Oklahoma - which turns out, you don't even need a passport to get into, just a willingness to throw your money away in exchange for some free drinks... "ca-chingg" (cash register sound)... "burp" (free drink sound).


Another fun detail about this particular trip was that we were accompanied by the Brown brothers, Ryan and Joe. Ryan is our fearless get'er done guy who handles various duties like production detail, travel detail, food detail, drink detail, merchandise detail, can I get some duct tape please detail, etc. (fun fact: Ryan did a summer tour of duty with the "Girls Gone Wild" party bus - woo hoo, which doesn't explain at all why he came back to Warrant - or DOES it????). Joe is Ryan's brother who is an accomplished sound engineer, currently taking a break from Extreme travel (not "extreme" extreme, as in "Man VS Wild" stuff where he has to find his way back from the wilds of South America with only a pair of socks and some swizzle sticks). What I mean to say is that he's usually out on the road with the band Extreme (incidentally, Joe is a man of few words, ironic considering.... never mind, you see where I was going?). So here we are with Ryan and Joe, "The Brown Brothers" (they are both White Italian boys from Boston - NOT actually Brown-Brothers which would be a redundant nick name anyhow) they are quite something to witness, they aren't twins, there is an age difference of about 3 years but there remains something eerily twin-like about them nonetheless. Their mannerisms and their pattern of speech are incredibly similar as is the way that the lights glint off their neatly polished heads - though they have two distinctly different physical appearances from the cranium down. Ryan bears the appearance of a man who might dabble in Cage Fighting now and then (does one really "dabble" in things like Cage Fighting? Dabbling is better suited to activities like baking and needlepoint, even pharmacology but not mashing someone else's face into a bloody chain-link cage while twisting their arm behind their back with a forearm-breaking knee-drop maneuver), while Joe looks as though he has run the Boston Marathon, more than once in his lifetime (which spanned the mark of 40 years on this exact weekend) or perhaps more than once in the same day even. Great guys to be around and to work with, I consider myself blessed that even with all our differences as a band and as a people we manage to pull together to bring the Warrant show to life each chance we get, even if it means dealing with sometimes difficult travel arrangements (referring to our 6 hours of missed flights and delays returning home from this weekend) Note to self: avoid out-ternational airports if given the choice!


I realize I haven't even mentioned the show. Here I am babbling on about different O.C. locations, airports and Brown brothers and haven't even mentioned the show... it was fun, great crowd - thank you Comanche Nation and all your Comanche nationals (no passport needed), and of course all you Warrant fans, for without you... I'd have no one to purge my writing upon. Gotta go for now - I am expecting a case of O.C.D. shortly (no, not Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - I am expecting a delivery of Orange Crush Diet - it's very hard to come by, most stores don't stock it anymore, you have to special order online). Okay, that was really dumb I realize that, and my apologies go out to each and everyone of you who spent all this time reading through my aimless text only to be whapped with something like that at the end. So I will leave you with this... a little something in honor of Father's Day:

The memories of my family outings are still a source of strength to me and have informed who I am today. I remember we'd all pile into the car (I forget what kind it was) and drive and drive. I'm not sure where we'd go, but I think there were some trees there, maybe some water too. The smell of something was strong in the air as we played whatever sport we played. I remember a bigger, older guy we called "Dad". We'd eat some stuff, or not, and then I think we went home at some point. I guess some things never leave you.


Happy Father's Day Dad's - you know who you are (or maybe you don't?)



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